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Your place for creative business education. We teach you how to start, grow and scale your business, outsmart your competitors and wow your clients.


SMART START - for you who wants to start a business

A digital course with a step by step formula to start a business without stress, overwhelm and rookie mistakes. 

30 videos that will give you the needs to set the foundation for a solid business. 


Idea Lab - a nisch course on Idea generation

A step by step formula to help you generate the best ideas and put them to life. 

If you need new ideas or if you have ideas and don't know what to do with them - this mini course is for you! 

BUY FOR 599 SEK (appr 59EUR)

15 Days of Ideas - inspiration on the go

A video series with 15 analysis of brilliant - and not so brilliant ideas, that will give you inspiration and hands on strategies to grow your business. Every analysis has a "what's in it for you" section.

We recommend that you watch one video per day and take our advice. After 15 days you will have some solid idea generation skills!


BUY FOR 199 SEK (appr 19EUR)

The best planner you'll ever own. For free.

Creative Business Thinking 365, the ultimate planner for mastering your business creativity. 256 page PDF. Undated - start at ANY time!

Start today.

Make 2020...

... your best professional year ever with smart goals, habits, appointments and tasks - all in one place. Beautifully designed to keep you motivated every day!

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