5 common rookie mistakes when starting a business and how to avoid them. 

February 20th 7.30 PM (GMT + 1)
February 24th 6 PM (GMT + 1)


In This Masterclass



What new business owners struggle with the most and how you don't have to.

By understanding the most common rookie mistakes that new business owners make, you will be able to make smarter decisions from the get go and make sure that those rookie mistakes won't apply to your business. 


What you need to overcome the fear of starting a business in the first place.

Are you intimidated by the thought of starting a business? I get it! In this free training you will gain an understanding of what you really need to get started - and why the process actually isn't that scary!


How to come up with a business idea that is right for you!

Who doesn't what that, right? You will learn where to look for your ideal client and your perfect mix of product and services. Be prepared for a mindset shift! 


How to get successful fast(er)!

This is not by any means a quick fix, however, you will learn how to think SMART when starting your business, so that you can avoid those so common detours that new business owners take. 

"Who am I to start a business" - mindset must go!"

Magdalena Bibik, founder of Creativity House, your teacher.

Are you dreaming about starting a business but don't have the courage? 

Has any of the following beliefs ever crossed your mind: "I am not good enough, nobody would buy my products" or "I am quite comfortable where I am, I don't dare to take the risk of quitting my job", or "I can't afford starting a business, I have a family to take care of", or maybe "It's too much and overwhelming, I don't even know where to start"?

My friend, you are in the EXACTLY right place! And the fact that you are still here means that this free masterclass is FOR YOU. So please, let those fears and doubts aside for an hour and join this training. If you are still not convinced that now is the time to fulfill your dream, then that's OK. But I am pretty sure that you are on your way towards something great.

Am i right?

A Note From The Instructor...

At the time of writing, I celebrate 11 years as full time business owner. I have had successes but I have also made all the mistakes in my companies. I know what it's like to be a new business owner but also the sweet feeling of celebrating a huge win.

Since 2016 I teach business at Axelsons Institute in Stockholm and Gothenburg and freelance as a speaker on creative business thinking. 

If you have any questions, reach out at [email protected]

/Magdalena Bibik